Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act (EAAA) Sexual Assault Resistance Program

Updated: Jan 12, 2018
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  • Program:

    A sexual assault resistance program for first-year female university students.

  • Evaluation Methods:

    A well-conducted multi-site randomized controlled trial (RCT) with a sample of 899 women at three diverse Canadian universities.

  • Key Findings:

    Approximately a 50% reduction in the incidence of rape during the 12 months after random assignment (5.2% of women in the treatment group were raped vs. 9.8% of women in the control group, a difference that was statistically significant).

The Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act (EAAA) Sexual Assault Resistance program consists of four three-hour units that involve games, lectures, discussion, and application and practice activities. The Assess unit focuses on improving women’s assessment of the risk of sexual assault by male acquaintances and developing strategies to minimize that risk; the Acknowledge unit focuses on overcoming emotional barriers to seeing the danger in situations that have turned coercive; the Act unit offers instruction about effective options for resistance and includes two hours of self-defense training; and the Sexuality and Relationships unit provides information on sexual health, safer-sex practices, strategies for communicating about sex, and an opportunity for participants to explore their sexual attitudes, values, and desires.

The cost of the program to a university during the first of year of implementation is approximately $1300 per student in 2019 U.S. dollars. The annual ongoing costs are approximately $1100 per student.

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