Postsecondary Education

Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP)

A comprehensive community college program that provides academic, personal, and financial supports to low-income students.
UPDATED: Apr 28, 2023
Top Tier
Randomized controlled trials show sizable increase in college graduation rates.
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Bottom Line

A comprehensive program that provides one-on-one advising to help students from low-income backgrounds get into and graduate from college.
UPDATED: Oct 27, 2021
Top Tier
Multi-site randomized controlled trial shows sizable increase in bachelor’s degree attainment.
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Learning Accounts

A program providing financial aid for post-secondary education to low-income 10th grade students, conditioned on their progress through high school
UPDATED: Sep 24, 2019
Near Top Tier
Randomized controlled trial shows a sizable increase in the rates of both high school graduation and college graduation.
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H&R Block College Financial Aid Application Assistance

Streamlined personal assistance in the application process for low and moderate income students
UPDATED: Sep 25, 2020
Suggestive Tier
Multi-site randomized controlled trial shows a sizable increase in college attendance and possible modest effect on college completion.
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InsideTrack College Coaching

A mentoring program for college students
UPDATED: Nov 21, 2017
Suggestive Tier
Randomized controlled trial shows an increase in college persistence and likelihood of college graduation.
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