The Interventions We’ve Identified Are Linked Below

Those found through an expert review process to meet the Congressional “Top Tier” evidence standard are denoted “Top Tier”; those found to require only one more step to meet this standard – e.g., replication of their sizable, sustained effects in an additional well-conducted randomized controlled trial – are denoted “Near Top Tier”. The other listed interventions have been found promising by Coalition staff but have not yet been identified by the expert panel as Top Tier or Near Top Tier – in some cases, because of study limitations (such as only short-term follow-up) that indicate the need for additional testing.1

Near Top Tier Child Immunization Campaign with Incentives (Monthly immunization camps in poor Indian villages, combined with small incentives for parents to have their children immunized – e.g., a $1 bag of lentils): Randomized controlled trial shows a major increase in childhood immunizations.

Near Top Tier Teacher Performance Pay in India (A low-cost performance pay program for primary school teachers in rural India): Randomized controlled trial shows sizable increases in students’ math, language, science, and social studies achievement over a two to three year period.

Chlorine Dispenser System (Placed next to a spring or well where families get drinking water, the system adds the correct amount of chlorine to kill illness-causing bacteria): Randomized controlled trial shows a large, sustained increase in the percent of households whose water tested positive for chlorine.

Primary School Deworming Project (Provides low-cost drugs to children in Kenya to eliminate parasitic worms): Randomized controlled trial shows sizable positive impact on children’s health and school attendance.

1 While we strive to ensure that our staff-level summaries are accurate and balanced, readers should note that they have received less scrutiny than those reviewed by the expert panel for Top Tier or Near Top Tier consideration.